Photo 101

Photography 101 in historic Charleston!

2 hours of glorious instruction in person then follow up
processing in your personal class online album!

Scared of that picture taking box you bought on super special deal last week?
Do all the special buttons on the back of your camera have dust on them?
Time to take your photography to the next level while enjoying our historic city and all the glorious details that surround us every day!

Once a month, Art Teacher and local Lifestyle Photographer, Jeni Rone will take you through the maze of camera settings, concepts and design elements to create breathtaking photographs. Classroom time is grand, but the “hands on, ask anything, take lots of pictures” part of the class is definitely more fun! Once we review basic camera concepts like “what’s that dot that moves around in my view finder?” and “why does that blue sky keep blowing out to white?” We all can go for a walk, look for pretty, funky and unique only to Charleston scenery to test our new skills on.

Click here to schedule your next photography adventure… you will have fun, make friends and find new places of wonder!

- 2 hour classroom/walking tour of photography instruction
- Online class website with post processing advice
- Click above to view current class schedules – Historic Downtown and Mount Pleasant Classes Available!
(if you have 4 or more we can schedule a custom class just for you!)

Want to see some fun? Visit our most recent class photos on
the blog… see you in class!